Bratislava (2)

More shots from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky hrad)

‘Cumil’, by Viktor Hulik, was the first of several humorous statues which now grace the streets of the Slovak capital

Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky hrad)


‘Schoene Naci’ (‘Handsome Ignatius’, based on local resident Ignac Lamar), on the Korzo

St Michael’s Gate (Michalska brana), the last surviving gate tower of the four medieval gates which once guarded Bratislava’s old town, renovated in the 18th century

The Baroque tower of the Old Town Hall (Stara radnica), on the Main Square (Hlavne namestie)

‘Bat outta hell’. Sculpture on the entrance to the Museum of the History of the City of Bratislava (housed in the Old Town Hall), from Primacialne namestie
All photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.



  1. Nice pics, Rudolf, I was in Bratisalva in winter a couple of years ago but unfortunately it was pretty grey most of the time and not ideal for photography.

  2. I am right now in Bratislava to learn Slovak! Love the city 🙂 You were really lucky to find such a blue sky that day!

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