Lofoten islands northern lights

Just on my way back from the lovely, lovely Lofoten islands in Arctic Norway, photographing snowy mountains, northern lights and stockfish (air-dried cod) – so here are some shots of the northern lights above the mountains surrounding Reinefjord, all taken from Olenilsoy:
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_1757
northern lights photo Lofoten NOlof_1788
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_1835
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_1840
All photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorised use.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I want to see the northern lights!

  2. Stunning! What kind of exposure did you set for these?

    • Hi Jenn, the answer to your question is… ‘that depends’ ;~) These were around 4 seconds, but in other cases they might have needed much longer – the brightness of the sky would obviously make a huge difference, as would just how high you can push the ISO on your camera without losing detail in the stars etc. These were all taken on a D700 with a 14-24/2.8. Hope that helps.

  3. ¡Impresionante!

  4. carllapeirre says:

    Great ! Must be exciting to live such moments !

  5. Dazzling.
    Your work is wonderful, Rudolf.

  6. Rudolf, The stars are sharp – that means less than 30 secs exposure otherwise they would have appeared to have moved too much, so how did you get the cliffs and buildings so well exposed? How much ISO have you got on that D700? We have a really good man over here (UK) by the name of Guy Edwardes – he specialises in such photos as well as daylight landscapes. He works miracles with just a torch and 5 – 10 minute exposures. Have a look at his Web Site – just Google .

    • Hi David, yes, this is a fairly short exposure, around 4secs if I recall correctly…. I’m happy pushing the ISO up quite high on the D700, though prefer not to go above 1600 for something like this.
      Guy Edwardes – great work, I agree!

  7. Jealous, would love to see the northern lights. Have only done the midnight sun, which doesn’t give quite such exciting photos.

    • Well I haven’t seen the midnight sun (yet!)…!
      Despite being rather fickle (ie they don’t always appear when you’d hoped they would) the northern lights really are one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen

  8. janmasyn says:

    Amazing photos!

  9. Positively breathtaking.

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