Rijeka – Saturday morning on the fish market

A few shots taken on the fish market (ribarnica) in Rijeka, Croatia, this morning.
Rijeka’s market occupies three buildings near the National Theatre – one for fish, one for meat, one for cheese and dairy produce – with stalls selling vegetables, fruit and flowers spilling out along the streets surrounding these. Endless photo opportunities, endless temptations to get sidetracked by coffee and freshly made burek….
Not that many visitors spend much time in Rijeka, which is a shame because it’s a nice city, with a pleasing air of faded grandeur (and in February it’s also home to the second largest carnival in Europe).

Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.



  1. Great images!

  2. Great shots Rudolf! Nice and wide!

  3. carllapeirre says:


  4. short and punchy. bright and contrasty. just as i like it – well done 🙂

  5. Very, very good pictures. And I love fish and fishmarkets a lot.

    • Thank you very much Bente
      This was a particularly nice market to photograph – most people were quite happy and relaxed about having their photo taken (in an environment like this I always ask)

  6. Great perspective. Love these photos!

  7. Me gustan mucho, el gran angular es buenísimo para este tipo de tomas, saludos

  8. lobophotography says:

    Superb pictures!!

  9. Strong black and white images!Thank you for visiting and liking my blog.

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