Looming disaster in the Sahel

In Africa’s drought-struck Sahel, a vast region stretching across the continent south of the Sahara, 18 million people are on the brink of disaster, including 1 million children at risk of starvation.

The UN says $1.5 billion in aid is needed immediately in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in the Sahel which may cost millions of lives – the result of drought, political unrest and soaring food prices – yet so far, governments have pledged less than half the required sum.

In a few days world leaders will gather in Brussels to discuss the Sahel – and it is vital that countries such as the US, Japan, France and Germany pledge their fair share, instead of turning a blind eye to this imminent disaster by stalling as they have until now.

Please help by signing the petition at Avaaz started by Senegalese music legend Baaba Maal:


Thank you.



  1. good job rudolf. in such a self-centered world as is that of blogging, it is refreshing to see someone actually concerned about other people. bravo! 🙂

  2. narhvalur says:

    I’llsign the petition! Thanks!

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