Buzet, a small medieval hill town in central Istria, holds its annual Subotina festival in early September – with stalls selling local produce, people dressed in period costume, live traditional music, and the evening beforehand, the preparation of an enormous omelette, filled with the truffles for which this area is famous.

Buzet from the west

Zigante truffle shop

Cheese and sausage infused with truffles at Karlic Tartufi, just outside Buzet

Serving Favorit beer (brewed just outside Buzet) on the evening before the Subotina festival

Milling cornmeal at the Subotina festival

Band playing traditional music on the town square

Making a giant omelette with over 2000 eggs and around 10kg of truffles, on the evening before the Subotina festival
For another (larger) image from Buzet, see here.
Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.


  1. another complete photo essay – just great reporting, pure and simple . 🙂

  2. Mmmn, truffles. How was the omelette?
    Gorgeous images, Rudolf.

  3. I wouldn’t mind going there. Your photos makes it look very interesting.

    • Thanks Bente. If you go, September-November is a good time, to coincide with truffle season and festivals. Let me know if you go and I can suggest/recommend some accommodation…!

  4. lobophotography says:

    Superb shots!

  5. Great shots! Makes me think of posting my cheese making series from Tres Botones in Uruguay! Your photos are spectacular at catching the everyday moment in a professional manner!

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