Hanbury Street (2)

New street art by French artist Bom K and Liliwenn on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane, London E1 (29 November 2012)
For an earlier piece on the same wall by Ben Slow, see here.
Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.



  1. very cool

  2. That’s very interesting art. Your last image is exceptionally strong and fascinating.

  3. Hi Rudolf, I see you’ve gone for the optional yuletide snow. The last image is really powerful – fantastic juxtaposition.

    • Thanks Laurence.
      Forgot about the snow – had it last year with previous theme (black), only just noticed here on white…!
      Will you be going to the BGTW AGM in Poland?

      • Hi Rudolf, I’ve no plans to go the AGM – I did think about it originally but I have just let it pass me by. How about you?
        I went to Zakopane 20+ years ago when you still needed a visa and there were several million zlotys to the pound. It is effectively a skiing resort although the Tatra mountains are nice and worth seeing.

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