Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania

Two shots from the Sunday market in the small town of Zarnesti, near Piatru Craiului national park. In Zarnesti I was fortunate enough to stay with award-winning guide Danut Marin and his wife Luminita, who run a lovely guesthouse (with truly heavenly home-cooked meals) and wildlife and cultural tours in the surrounding mountains and further afield – one of the absolute highlights of this, or I expect any other, trip to Transylvania. See Transylvanian Wolf for more details.

Selling flower bulbs it the Rroma-controlled area of large Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania

Selling local honey at the large Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania (pity about the blown out highlights, but couldn’t really ask the man to turn his stall around…!). For the record, the producer’s name is Lung Daniel; and honey from the wild flowers and meadows of the surrounding mountains is delicious….
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Sighisoara, Transylvania

A quick visit to Sighisoara, Transylvania – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a lovely, atmospheric old town centre. Although Sibiu remains, for me at least, the most beautiful city in Transylvania….

The main square (Piata Cetatii)

Orthodox cathedral

Woman in doorway
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Junii parade, Brasov, Transylvania

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in the small Transylvanian city of Brasov on the day of the annual Junii parade. Groups of men dressed in dazzlingly bright traditional costumes ride through the streets, accompanied by brass bands. As they stop the riders shout ‘Hristos a inviat!’ (Christ is risen!’), with the crowd shouting back ‘Adevarat a inviat!’ (‘Truly risen!’).

Junni commemorates the one day of the year when, under Hungarian rule, the young Romanian men of Schei (once a small village outside the old city walls, now part of Brasov) were allowed into town.

Some of the costumes are as much as 150 years old, and the elaborate decoration (including thousands of sequins) makes them incredibly heavy. The horses get rather jumpy at times and do a fair bit of prancing and kicking – usually the moment for the crowds lining the roadside to duck backwards in a hurry….

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A rainy day in Sibiu, Transylvania (2)

Here are a few more photos from lovely Sibiu.

Playing in the fountain on the main square, Piata Mare

Piata Mare from the Council Tower, with the Cindrel Mountains in the distance

Totem #1

Totem #2


A section of the old fortifications on the southeast side of the city centre, near the Powder Tower

Dog chasing cyclist
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Videk’s Shirt

Some shots from the truly wonderful ‘Videk’s Shirt’, a puppetry show by Tinka Slavicek and Leonie Dodd (with musical accompaniment by Alex Carter) at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington yesterday.
Based on a 19th century Slovenian children’s story by Fran Levstik, Videk’s Shirt tells the story of little Videk, who has his one and only shirt snatched away from him by the blustery Slovenian wind, and is helped to make a new one by a series of animals he meets. ‘My name is Videk, my shirt blew away….’
You can find out more about Tinka and Leonie (a.k.a. The Puppetellers) and their shows here.

Videk and the sheep

Leonie, Tinka & Alex

Tinka & Leonie. Videk feeds some nice grass to the sheep

Tinka, Leonie, Alex

Tinka setting up the next show, Little Red Hen

Setting up the next show, Little Red Hen

Alex and friend

Tinka’s husband Ivan takes a breather while helping to set up their next show (‘Hey, who are you calling a roadie…?!’)
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My daughter Tamara in the local playground

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Andrew Bird live at the Barbican

A couple of shots of the amazing Mr Andrew Bird live at the Barbican, London, last night.

Yesterday also marked the release of his new album, Break it Yourself, which I’ve been listening to for a large part of today. Very, very good.
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Street art in Peckham

Street art by UK artist Phlegm and Belgian artist Roa, in a small courtyard hidden away down a passageway off Peckham Lane, London SE15.

One of the two walls by Phlegm, whose work I recently photographed in Dugave, in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

Base of one of the walls by Roa.
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Dugave (2)

Some more images of the street art project in Dugave, Zagreb.

Mural by UK street artist Phlegm.

Another mural by Phlegm, beside work by Croatian artist Sretan Bor.

Croatian street artist Miron Milic in front of a mural by Puma 34.

Mural by the duo Janaundjs.
The Dugave murals (2011) were the second project undertaken by the Museum of Street Art, following the series of paintings on Branimirova (2010), the street running east from Zagreb’s main railway station towards the bus station. Here’s just one of them, by Miron Milic.

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Rijeka Carnival (2)

More shots from Sunday’s International Carnival Parade in Rijeka, Croatia – the second biggest carnival in Europe after Venice, for those not familiar with it. Still wading through well over 1,000 images, so probably more to follow soon….

Slovenian Kurenti.

If you go down to the woods today…


Baby zvoncari.


Chimney sweeps.

Little red riding hoods.

Rocket lovers.
All D700 + 14-24/2.8, 70-200/2.8 or 50/1.4.
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